KMS was founded on 2 principles. 
The first – Affordability
The second – Quality

Alongside those two top priorities come turnaround time, consistent quality & customer service.
With just under 10 years of vinyl and aftermarket industry experience, we’re uniquely suited and highly in tune with production quality and installation technique. 

Kawaii Motorsport Itasha wraps

Design and Rendering

Before The Printing

It all starts with measurements, then we create the digital canvas and start building from there. After some concepts have been drafted we take an image of the car and overlay the design files over the car. This gives you a a solid idea of how the design looks. This way we know exactly where everything needs to be and there are no sizing issues paired with the measurements we have of the car.


Printing & Lamination

Once everything is set up to print, we hit send and get the design printed. Once our HP get it done, we take the vinyl and laminate it in Gloss, Satin or Matte finish. All our main lamination are UV protected.

Wrap Install

Installation Day

After everything is designed, printed, and laminated comes the best part. The actual installation. 

Commissions are open.
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Additional Characters

Body Kit

Car Paint Condition (To your knowledge, as your car been repainted)

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